Dance For You

Night-hazed evening - the blush of dusk slowly begins
As you traipse through ...wond'rous evergreen forest ends
Grappling with every step - struggling to find way
You notice the sun setting..and the loss of day

Rhythmed-beating drum begins pounding in your head
You are off on a quest from something that she said
Wanting in passion - the tempo becomes more clear
You close eyes and search for that music you must hear

There in the sweet meadow's edge right near the tree line
You find the source of sound over there by the pine
Trembling you watch mesmerized by her once again
Youve found her there -- under the guise of evening wind

She is lilting there and swaying to her soul's calling
Lost in echoing drumbeat of sunset falling
She moves to its cadence ... she breathes in lustful tune
You succomb to her dance as sky gives way to moon

Her eyes open and she realizes you are there
Your eyes lock into a wanting and knowing stare
She slows her movement and then beckons you forward
And you draw nearer your soul's march going onward

Magnetic urge draws you into her world of dance
And you surrender to edge of her lucid trance
Fires rise within... lighting pathway to her essence
Basking in togetherness of such fused presence

She gazes at you and invites with longing eyes
To watch as she sways to movement of spellbound guise
She tempts you with her hunger - youre lost in yearning
And once again you're there...soul candles start burning